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If you are in search of Polycom phones to update your current VoIP environment or to replenish a new office, don’t overlook our Refresh offerings. Our Refresh Polycom phones are great quality used phones that have undergone a 10-step reconditioning process to assure that you get the best of the best. And the best part of it all is that they come with a full six-month worry-free guarantee.

Watch below for the process of Examining, Upgrading, Setting to default, and Repackaging Refresh products.

Polycom VVX 310 (Refresh)Polycom vvx300

The VVX 310 is a Gigabit six line phone that provides crystal clear communications and enhances the workplace with collaboration tools and personal productivity features. Receive meeting reminders and alerts, manage your Microsoft Exchange calendar …

For businesses and residential users to who rely on surveillance in order to maintain safety and access control, Grandstream Networks’ new release will definitely fill that need.

Grandstream, a key manufacturer of IP Communications has ventured into the door security market with their newest product, the GDS3710, an IP Video Door System.


Grandstream GDS3710

The GDS3710
is a high-definition IP surveillance camera with 180-degree video viewing angle for wall-to-wall coverage. It also acts as an IP intercom to offer facility access control and security monitoring for buildings and homes of all sizes, where protecting assets, the workplace and the people is a big factor.

gds3710-2The GDS3710 has a built-in RFID (radio frequency identification) chip reader that allows keyless entry where the user is …

Are you looking for an affordable way to update or get started on your VoIP solution? Then you are on the right page (literally!)

Refresh is our own line of Refurbished products that offer end users and businesses an affordable way to equip their offices or homes with VoIP equipment. VoIP Supply has a great array of Refresh products that have been examined for functionality and that underwent a 10-step reconditioning process before being repackaged. This month we are featuring three great products. Check them out below!


Polycom VVX310

Polycom vvx300This Polycom favorite is a 6-line IP phone that is perfect for call center environments and/or secretaries and receptionists handling a low to moderate volume of calls. The VVX310 features HD Voice for lifelike conversations …

Here is a deal you can’t miss out on! When you sign up for a 3-Year service contract with Switchvox Cloud you’ll get a FREE D60 IP Phone!

Each new seat gets a free D60 and any new seat added to an existing contract that upgrades to a 3-year contract also gets a free D60!


Digium’s D60 is a 2-line IP Phone that supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and best of all it offers a beautiful 4.3 inch color LCD display. Competitors can’t beat that!

How can you take advantage of this offer? Each new seat in a 3-year contract of Digium Switchvox Cloud service will receive a free Digium D60 phone.

  • Available on ALL new 3-year unlimited service contracts. Not available on new month-to-month

Today, Yealink a leading manufacturer of VoIP Phones and Unified Communications equipment released the T4S Series of IP Phones, which are the enhanced version of the previous T4G/P models.

As you can see from the image below, the T4S Series have the same elegant look you’ve come to know and love. However, the hardware in the phone has been enhanced to handle faster response on the phone’s user interface and also to support future firmware upgrades.t4s-series-comparison This way as Yealink continues to add more features to the phone’s firmware, the T4S Series are equipped to handle them.

The T4S Series share the same V81 firmware across all models so that managing and provisioning the phones is easier and convenient.

In addition, and a feature that …

This month for our Refresh series we would like to spotlight two Polycom phones that would make a great gift for any business owner or even residential VoIP users that appreciates a good bargain and are not necessarily looking for new VoIP equipment.

polycom IP6000 POEThe Polycom IP 6000 is a great phone to have during conferences or voice meetings. If features HD Voice technology and high-fidelity audio for clear, lifelike conversations. The microphone pick-up extends to up to 12-feet making a great phone for small to medium size business roundtable-style-like calls.



vvx210If you are gifting desk phones this holiday season, we recommend the Polycom VVX201 and/or the Polycom IP560. The VVX201 has 2-line keys and dual ethernet ports. It is a great pick for …

Yealink, a leading manufacturer of Unified Communications solutions officially released the T27G IP Phone.

This new and improved version of its counterpart the T27P gives users what they had been asking for- Gigabit connectivity. Now you can take advantage of even faster device performance speeds.

t27rightAlthough the T27G  looks exactly like the T27P on the outside and can handle the same number of lines (6), it is equipped with hardware and software upgrades that make it a top pick. For one, it comes with a built-in USB port that allows users to perform USB call recording and use Bluetooth devices. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity for added convenience.

The T27G comes with the latest Opus codec for superior wideband sound quality.


It has three pages …

VoIP Supply has been a leader in VoIP equipment since 2004 when owner and CEO Ben Sayers realized that there was a high demand for VoIP equipment yet nowhere to purchase it. By end of year, VoIP Supply succeeded in becoming the top North American supplier of VoIP Equipment. Year over year, VoIP Supply saw an increase in business profitability and became the go to e-commerce site to purchase VoIP.  

But that did not mean Ben was satisfied. Now that customers had a way to purchase new VoIP equipment, he began to think of where all of the used VoIP equipment would go as companies started to replace existing infrastructure. Moreover, Ben understood that the cost of new VoIP hardware could be a big impact

Today Grandstream Networks, a top name in the VoIP industry officially launched the GWN7610 Wireless Access Point.

The GWN7610 introduces Grandstream into the Wi-Fi marketplace and it also spearheads a new GWN product line from Grandstream who will be expanding with routers and access points of various deployment capabilities. Over the next year, a variety of basic, mid-range and high-end models will surface providing greater deployment flexibility.

The GWN7610 specifically can be used for multiple floor offices, commercial locations, and branch offices. It is an enterprise level AP that can be paired with any 3rd party router, but it will seamlessly pair with the upcoming GWN7000 router.

GWN7610 features high-performance 802.11ac wireless accessibility and a quality antenna that supports up to 1.75Gb per second …

We’d thought we’d keep you posted on a few changes happening with Digium this Fall.

For starters, the list price on Digium’s D70 Icon Keys (1TELD071LF) has been reduced from $299 to $199. That’s the lowest it has ever be been.


d70The $75 instant rebate on the D70 has expired.
Now, when you subscribe to Switchvox Cloud with a 3-year agreement, you’ll get a FREE D70 versus a free D45.

d65You might be asking yourself, why did they do this? The reason is the stock available for the D45 (1TELD045LF) is very low and Digium will be announcing an End of Life notice in the very near future. So, if you want to get your hands on the last …